Thinking Green this Year?

Is your company focusing on going green this year, leaving you wondering how to fit more eco-friendly practices into your workflow?

The printing industry isn’t traditionally a place you would expect to find environmentally friendly initiatives. However, thanks to Birmingham Printing’s multifaceted EnviroPrint technology, we’ve set ourselves apart from our competitors and in line with going green!

Choose to utilize our Enviroprint services for your next project to:

Save more trees.
– Recycled paper selected is at least 85% post consumer material in order to meet FSC compliance regulations.

Use less power.
– The printing press used consumes 25-30% less power than a traditional 40 inch, 6-color, sheet feed press with a wire dryer. Drying with Enviroprint is instantaneous, so no spray powder or conventional drying equipment is necessary.

Reduce emissions.
– Unlike conventional soy-based inks, UV ink that is used is cured dry, instantly. It requires no “gas out” for drying and produces no VOC or ozone. UV ink is soap and water soluble which requires substantially less alcohol, press wash for cleanup, and bleach for post consumer recycling.

Create less waste.
– FSC compliant plates used consume significantly less processing chemical and reduce effluent discharge.

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