Return to Office Kits

Shipt worked with Paper Airplane to have custom kits for every employee delivered to their three HQ office locations as an effort to boost engagement and to offer a fun incentive for returning to the office after lengthy closures due to COVID-19. Each kit contained several Shipt branded items including a mug, Popsocket®, avocado stress ball (a company favorite), retractable pen, and sticker pack. The items were organized and wrapped in cellophane with a colored twist tie for a fun, gift-like experience.

“Our employees were thrilled to return to these treats after office closures due to COVID. Paper Airplane took care to ensure each kit looked exactly the way we wanted it to, and even hand delivered the...”

- Halli W. @ Shipt

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2000 kits compiled
5 branded items
2 gift wrap pieces


3 office locations

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Return to Office Kits

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